Consultancy > BIM Execution Planning

One of the most crucial aspects of any successful BIM project is the BIM Execution Plan (BEP). It specifies the planned BIM deliverables and directs project team coordination. BIM Execution Plans are something that Medialogic has a lot of expertise with. We've developed a technique for developing BEPs that are brief, successful, and personalized to your project over many years and numerous projects.

The project goals and team competencies are established at a stakeholder workshop. We create a bespoke BIM Execution Plan based on this, which includes the following:

• The designers and modellers involved and their roles;
• The procedure for sharing, producing, analyzing, and coordinating models;
• The BIM deliverable and a Model Element Table (MET) that specifies the expected model development at each step of the project.

We have a project launch meeting at the end of this process to walk the team through the BEP and verify that everyone is working effectively toward the project's successful completion.